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Creatures of Habit

  Classic Rock Band



Latest Album! "Where Have All The Years Gone?" Available on and is available on iTunes, Amazon and many other online music  stores around the world.



The Creatures of Habit are a 3 piece rock band and all three members have a wide experience in the industry. Dave Sumeray ( Bass & Vocals) and Mart Lee (Guitar & Vocals) are the founder members of CoH along with the late Ray Simoné.  They have collaborated on many songs and feel their music to be unique and constantly in development. 


Dave & Mart have played in many bands over the years but have always had a strong bond with each other and their debut album, called "Where have all the Years Gone", shows the unique style they have developed...classic rock with a touch of prog and pop.

Now with the addition of powerhouse drummer Monzur Rahman they are back playing live shows.



It all started over 45 years ago with a band called Woodfog which had the original line up of Mart Lee, Dave Sumeray and Ray Simoné. They were very inspired by bands such as Cream,  Wishbone Ash, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Stray, Budgie, The Who and, of course, The Beatles. Influences which blended into their own, unique powerhouse sound.


Woodfog worked for a while as a three-piece, writing songs such as  The Knower, Death Grows Inside You, Lady of The Storm and Ray's song called Where Have All The Years Gone!  These tracks are all on The Creatures of Habit's new album and feature in their live work amongst newer compositions.

Over the course of a couple of years, Woodfog became a four-piece with the addition of guitarist Nick French, sadly also no longer of this earth.. Mart had left by then and was replaced on drums by Paul Stratford and he was eventually replaced by Graham Waxman.

Woodfog played local venues in their hometown of London and also toured the country playing universities and clubs and supporting various headlining bands of the era including Glencoe, The Pretty Things, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre and The Edgar Broughton Band, among others.


While drummers came and went Ray and Dave tried to keep the band going but eventually it was the loss of one drummer too many that made them decide to call it a day.

In 1975 Dave & Ray went into Morgan Studios to record a number of songs.  Among them was the track Sing Zing

In 1976, Mart and Ray, with a little help from Dave (who decided to leave after a month into rehearsals) formed Masterswitch which achieved moderate success and released an album on the CBS/Epic label.

After Masterswitch disbanded, 40 or so years passed (seriously...where HAVE all those years gone!?) during which time Dave, Mart and Ray occasionally got together for a jam but that was in the 70s and 80s.

Eventually, around 2006 the three of them decided to get together for a jam. It was clear that the energy and  synergy were still there and feeling excited by the experience they decided to reform the band under a new name...The Creatures of Habit.


Sadly, after a relatively short time writing and rehearsing new material, Ray became very ill and passed away a few years later. It was the terrible loss of a long-time close friend and a great fellow musician.


After a period of grieving Dave & Mart decided to continue with The Creatures of Habit. They resurrected and re-arranged some original Woodfog songs as well as composing new music. One or two of their old and more recent numbers are songs composed or co-composed with Ray. Ray passed away in 2012 and Nick in 1999.

The Creatures of Habit have risen from the ashes like a Phoenix and hope to entertain you for quite a while longer! 


The debut album of The Creatures of Habit is called, "Where Have All The Years Gone?"  and is dedicated to Ray Simoné



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Instagram: @the_creatures_of_habit

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Ray Simoné

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